A visual artist

A sculptor




When my journey starts at the School of Fine Arts and subsequently leads me to prints, I find my artistic path through creating prints where the precision of the engravings suggests a hidden sensitivity.Dreamlike compositions, based on meticulous and bohemian fantasies,  colours light up and feelings of joy emerge. The line is root, earth, metal, or brush based, shaping the design accordingly. Symbols display themselves in an ever fast changing world. The gesture, as an act of love, is not trivial. If only life were just a journey of realities and dreams… Ink and pigments are fixed responding to encounters in life with its own chosen dimension of liberties.
The spirit of thought finds its way through a universal symbolism and the expression of feelings emerges ; forms and lines are engraved and coloured. The journey continues….


When I was a teenager, my teacher at The Julian Academy taught me how to draw and paint ;  there I learnt to watch the shapes, the colours and the volumes with the help of living models. Fascinated by clay, a living sensual material, I have always wanted to model it. After my professional life, I decide to learn how to model clay in a studio in Paris for four  years. After my retirement, I settle down in the village of Saint Quentin la Poterie near Uzès, in the Gard. It is a famous place for its arts and crafts. I enjoy shaping bodies, faces hands, but also objects. As a statuary sculptor, I draw my inspiration from great romantic sculptors, the wonders of nature and my different trips all over the world. My creations are the reflection of my sensitivity and my feelings.